Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mission Statement:

So, I am a recipe searching obsessive individual. I love food, I love to cook, and simply find it exciting to explore how to "tweak" recipes so that they are healthier, or more tasteful. Sometimes a recipe is perfect as is - and I'm sure some of you other cooks out there can agree...once you find perfection, you certainly don't want to fix something that's not broken. That being said, I am currently hunting for great low-fat recipes...but ones that don't require an individual to spend a large sum of money each month. I have found that I am constantly overspending my monthly food budget within the first two weeks, and yet...I refuse to eat food that is high in fat but cheap to offset what I've overspent. My goal is to post/blog about my adventures in getting healthy food on my table without blowing a hole in my pocket book. All constructive feedback, hints and tips are welcome.

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